Unleash the power of AI for R&D decisions - from strategy and market screening to business case, budgeting and portfolio optimization.


Unleash the power of AI for M&A decisions - from M&A strategy and target screening to due diligence, valuation and PMI.

Mergers & Acqusitions

Mergers & Acqusitions

One platform. Endless use cases.

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make all kind of high-stakes decisions — without having to switch between tools.

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Customer scouting
Partner ecosystem optimization
Target scouting
Technology scouting
Innovation portfolio selection
Technology portfolio optimization
CapEx portfoilo diagnosing
Investment target scouting
Market segment analysis
Post merger integration
R&D project investment
Product portfolio optimization
Transformation project budgeting
Joint venture investment
Business portfolio optimization
Financial restructuring
R&D budgeting
Product portfolio transformation
Supplier selection
Demand planning
Competitive positioning
Business model portfolio optimization
HR budgeting and staffing
Asset management
(Corporate) venture capital investment
Marketing budgeting
Transformation project investment
Product development investment
CapEx project portfolio optimization
Cloud vendor sourcing
Education and training investments
Cost of capital optimization
Stock portfolio diagnosing
Technology portfolio diagnosing
R&D portfolio selection
Cloud strategy
Stock portfolio optimization
CapEx budgeting
Inventory optimization
R&D partner scouting
Market entry
Customer segement diagnosing
Investment portfolio diagnosing
Dynamic pricing
Business portfolio diagnosing
CapEx investment
Product portfolio analysis
Workforce productivity diagnosing
Innovation budgeting
Stock portfolio selection

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