AI for the Boardroom

Transform your investment decisions on an end-to-end platform.

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AI for the Boardroom

A single platform to superpower your management decisions with AI from data to actions.

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Power next-generation decisions with the first app to optimize the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with AI.

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Meet DeOS - the Decision Optimization System

Discover end-to-end use cases across the enterprise. A single platform to optimize the decision-making process end-to-end

Bring AI to the board room. Combine your business intuition with the power of out-of-the-box AI models. Build for business users - no technical skills required

Start a new era of decision-makin. Optimize all your top management decisions -the ultimate advantage in the era of uncertainty.

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DeOS - the Decision Optimization System is the world's first software that optimizes management decisions from data to actions by combining human intuition with AI

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Accelerate your M&A decisions with DeOS

Market research
Custom market research of weeks done in seconds
Target scan
Find targets at the speed of thought
Due diligence
Combine expert intuition and the power of AI
Decision augmentation
Know how to outperform in M&A
Decision centric data management
Create a digital twin of your target
Know the value of your target by simulating and predicting the future


Efficient decision processes - from data to actions

DeOS decision templates streamline your unique processes into a reusable, transparent system infused with industry best practices, so you can get started with a single click.

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Complete information with contextual data management

Integrate internal business data with external sources and organizational insights to construct a digital twin of your decision environment.

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Automate complex analysis with no-code AI

Harness cutting-edge AI seamlessly integrated into business workflows to automate complex analyses like forecasting, simulation, valuation, and market analysis, providing unique real-time insights at the speed of thought.

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Navigate uncertainty with actionable recommendations

Augment your most critical boardroom decisions with actionable recommendations and a comprehensive 360° understanding for informed decision-making.

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decision insights

Know how to outperform

DeOS augmented analytics empower everyone with concrete answers on how to achieve their business goal.

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Why you should care

DeOS revolutionizes business by accelerating speed, enhancing productivity, mitigating risks, and fostering a competitive edge, unlocking millions in value with every decision.

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One platform. Endless use cases.

DeOS decision templates empower business users to bring AI-powered insights to top management decisions— without having to switch between tools.

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Transformation Portfolio Risk Monitoring
Carve out
Business Portfolio Optimization
Corporate Venture Capital Investment
R&D Investment
Earnings Allocation
Stock Selection
Cloud strategy
Buyer Screening
Supplier Sourcing
Secondary Buyout (SBO)
Initiative Portfolio Performance Monitoring
Deal sourcing
R&D Portfolio Optimization
R&D Portfolio Risk Monitoring
Acquisition Target Screening
Enterprise Valuation
Asset Valuation
Partner Screening
Initiative Portfolio Risk Monitoring
Enterprise Value Optimization
Option Pricing
Credit Risk Monitoring
IPO Structure Optimization
Spin Off
Outsourcing Strategy
Price Target
Working Capital Optimization
Venture Capital Investment
Country Index Allocation
Investor Sourcing
Strategic Alliance
R&D Portfolio Performance Monitoring
Make-or-buy - purchasing
Business Unit Performance Monitoring
LBO Financing
ETF Allocation
Sell-side advisory
Fairness Opinion
Asset Portfolio Risk Monitoring
Platform Ecosystem
Infrastructure Investment
Stock Investment
OEM (Customer) Screening
Enterprise Capital Allocation
Bid Strategy Optimization
Hedge Fund Portfolio Monitoring
Market Index Monitoring
CapEx Initiative Priorization
Earnings Optimization
Market Entry
R&D Partnership
R&D Initiative Priorization
Hedge Fund Portfolio Allocation
CapEx Investment
Portfolio Risk monitoring
Financial Planning
Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring
Debt Restructuring
Investment Target Screening
Market Risk Monitoring
Business Unit Risk Monitoring
Transformation Initiative Priorization
Sell-side Avisory Opportunity
Asset Acquisition
Asset Sale
Market Index Allocation
OEM Partnership
Component Sourcing Strategy
Technology scouting
Business Case Valuation
Capital Structure Optimization
Joint Venture
Buy Side Advisory
Private Equity Portfolio Allocation
Project Financing Structuring
Acquisition Financing
Equity Investment
Exit Strategy Evaluation