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decision optimization system

Experience how decision optimization revolutionizes decision making

You know best, that the current way of making decisions cannot hold up with the complexity of today's business world.

Decision optimization helps executives and leaders like you turn information into better business outcomes by augmenting decisions with AI giving you the ultimate competitive advantage in an uncertain world. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use this technology to:  

Design reusable, transparent decision templates
Use cacluation on decision an AI value
Connect information from internal and external sources
Up to 50% less for teams
Automate tasks like market analysis, target screening, due diligence, or valuation with AI 
on location for teams only
Guided by Dr. Dominik Dellermann
Make outperforming decisions with unique insights
on location for teams only
Guided by Dr. Dominik Dellermann

decision flows

Decisions optimized from data to actions

DeOS connects tasks, insights, data, and AI services in transparent, end-to-end decision flows. Everything on a single platform.

Decision flows

Manage worflows with predefined tasks for every use-case

Task boards visualize and standardize workflows  and let you allocate work across your team.


Unveil the decision process

DeOS is built to empower collaborative, transparent decision flows across business functions, so you always know what's happening.


Unveil the decision process

DeOS is built to empower collaborative, transparent decision flows across business functions, so you always know what's happening.

decision templates

The complete decision-process with one-click

DeOS decision templates standardize everything from data to actions with best-practice business knowledge built in, so you can get started with a single click.

Explore templatesDecision flows

Business know-how built in

Over 40 best-practice decision templates power you to get started right out-of-the-box and make sure you get the same answers every time.


Get started with one click

Start a new decision from a template with a single click, and DeOS will connect all the required parts in the background to make though decisions easy.

decision insights

Know how to outperform

DeOS augmented analytics empower everyone with concrete answers on how to achieve their business goal.

Decision flows

Answers where they matter the most

DeOS augmented analytics support your analysts with the contextual insights needed to assess business situations.

causal decision graph

Understand what drives your business success

DeOS causal decision graphs make analytics actionable by explaining to you the cause and effect of business performance instead of static dashboards and slide decks.

purpose-BUILT Insights

Bring insights into context

Monitor what matters to your business performance and proactively drive strategic initiatives with contextual insights sections.


The power of 1,000 analysts in your hand

DeOS advanced AI engines power next generation insights automation. Seamlessly integrated into business workflows.

Explore AI enginesDecision flows
AI engines

Cutting-edge technology for all your business problems

DeOS advanced AI engines combine cutting-edge technology with scientific research and user-friendly design. So you and your team can focus on what matters most.


Built for business users - no technical skills required

All the DeOS AI engines are built with business users in mind and offer you the most advanced performance with a single click - seamlessly integrated into business workflows.


Experience the business impact of AI from day one

A pre-trained, constantly growing set of AI engines along the full cycle of decision optimization provide your entire team with business value from day one.

data mesh

Focus on decisions - not on data

DeOS semantic business graphs connect decision relevant data in a meaningful way. So you can focus on what matters.

Decision flows
market scan

Over 3,200,000,000 financial data points to search from

Get access to over 3 Billion of financial data points to benchmark your company, from revenues to margins.

semantic business graph

Create a digital twin of your business

DeOS semantic data templates help you to represent the mechanics of your business in a meaningful way by connecting data to their real-world business objects.


Get access to billions of market data points

DeOS gives you access to billions of data points built-in. Benchmark your business and see how the market evolves without worrying about what data to use.

Contextual data management

Connect the dots across your business

The DeOS data fabric connects structured and unstructured data across your company and beyond to represent your world in data.