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Meet the team building the world's first software for optimizing the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition and AI.

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A hollistic approach to decision-making

Get complete visibility of your business and make outperforming decisions at the pace of your industry.

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Our mission

Powering next generation decision-making

We believe the world would be a better place if businesses of any size had the technology to keep up with the context in which decisions are made today and navigate uncertainty with confidence. vencortex exists to make tough decisions simple with easy-to-use technology.

Our vision

Powered by human intuition - augmented by AI.

It's time for changing the way businesses make decisions. We believe in augmenting people with technology (Hybrid Intelligence®) to collaboratively achieve superhuman results. Accessible for any company and easy to use, designed for business users.

Our culture

Challenge the status quo

We believe in challenging the status quo, leading with technology and taking risks to get there.

Our leadership team

Dr. Dominik Dellermann


Pascal Dellermann

Head of Software

Peter Meyerhofer

Head of Product

Our advisors

vencortex® | Bernd Wöllner
Bernd Wöllner

Head of Sales a.D.


vencortex® | Dr. Karl Michael Popp
Dr. Karl Popp

Senior Director Corporate Strategy and Development


Prof. Dr. Jacob Sherson

Founding Director

Center for Hybrid Inteligence

Wojciech Drewczyński

Investment Director

Blackpearls VC

Dr. Christopher Jud

VP Product and Innovation Management

Intermedix Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Janet Rafner

Director of Learning

Center for Hybrid Inteligence

vencortex® | Dan Toma
Dan Toma

Author and Thoughtleader


Dr. Nikolaus Lipusch


Capgemini AIE

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