Last Updated: 12.10.2021

vencortex support services 

vencortex Support Services offer several key components, all designed to help you resolve issues you are facing. We have implemented a set of support services to make sure you experience a high level of service. We will be happy to provide the following support services to you as part of your purchase or subscription of the vencortex DeOS software. You can contact the vencortex support via a broad set of channels, according to your specific needs and whichever best suits your inquiry. 

1. Releases

As part of the vencortex support services, you will receive all generally available releases of the vencortex software which you have licensed free of charge. Releases may address security fixes, critical patches, general maintenance functionality, and documentation. 

1.1 Cloud Services 

As a subscriber to the DeOS Cloud offering, we will upload the release automatically, so you do not have to worry about this. The support services will then be rendered to the updated software version only. We may enhance the features of our DeOS Cloud offering, for example, to reflect technological advances or to comply with laws; however, we are under no obligation to develop any future functionality, programs, services, or enhancements. If we do make updates or enhancements, we will notify you about them and the date they are to take effect by email, Release Notes, or within the Cloud offering. If you have any queries on any of such updates or enhancements, please contact our support services team using

1.2 Security updates 

Whenever we provide a release, a patch, or a fix with relevance to security incidents or other security-related issues, we offer to notify you via email. In order to receive such emails, you are required to provide us with the contact details (email address and telephone number) of the contact person best suited for this matter. To provide the contact details you can send an email with the information to the following email address: 

1.3 Usage information 

To provide you with improved transparency on the utilization of your Cloud Service, we may collect and analyze the information derived from your use of the Cloud Service (e.g., how many Decision Templates are used, what is the level of remaining decision capacity). Neither information related to individual users nor any Customer Data is used for these purposes. 

2. Service desk, global phone, and email support 

As part of the vencortex support services, you will benefit from free access to the vencortex Service Desk. vencortex support services include a highly trained team of vencortex experts located in our vencortex Support Centers. Our system engineers are familiar with the common challenges organizations face when deploying vencortex software and can quickly diagnose and support the questions regarding product-related issues you are facing. 

2.1 Overview global phone and email support 

Service times

9 am – 5 pm (CET)


English, German


+ 49 (0) 176 43451508


2.2 Premium support 

vencortex Premium Support is available only for the DeOS Enterprise cloud and includes unlimited phone and email access to the support team on a twenty-four-hour, seven days a week basis. You can select vencortex Premium Support at an additional fee. For more information, please contact your vencortex sales representative. 

We understand that DeOS is a mission-critical application for many of our customers, so we have invested in a service that supports software of that importance. vencortex Premium Support is provided in addition to the Support included in the applicable Support Services Description according to the Customers agreement. The vencortex Premium Support is only available for a fully deployed vencortex Enterprise Decision Optimization System (DeOS). 

3. Manual and training material 

In addition, you will have free access to the vencortex academy. The vencortex academy provides a comprehensive knowledge base containing answers to many common product questions and a manual that covers common product topics. Here, you will find training material covering the basics of how to work with vencortex software. Please refer to your vencortex sales representative for more information. 

4. Incident reporting and response times 

When requesting support services, we will open an incident and determine — to the best of our knowledge — the priority of the incident. We will then notify you of the incident priority and ticket number, which enables the accurate placement of subsequent queries within the incident management system. 

4.1 Priority definitions 


An incident is classified as Priority 1 if the use of the vencortex software is not possible or practically not possible to the impairment and your business is seriously affected. 


An incident is classified as Priority 2 if work with the vencortex software is seriously affected and necessary tasks cannot be performed.


An incident is classified as Priority 3 if a minor feature or an insignificant function of the vencortex software is affected and does not perform as desired. 


Medium requests referring to general questions and/or cannot be identified as an incident. 

4.2 Target initial response times 

After the assignment of a ticket number and a priority, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to the incident within the Target Initial Response Times (see below) and to subsequently acknowledge the incident and provide a resolution. An incident resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, service availability or any other solution we deem reasonable. 


2 hours 


24 hours 


48 hours 


96 hours 

The response times are calculated during the local service times. If during the course of the support process, the incident no longer warrants the currently assigned priority, we may change the priority of an incident to best reflect its actual priority. We may consider an incident as dropped and subsequently close the incident if you have not responded within five business days to our attempt to collect additional information required to resolve the incident. Whenever we determine an incident is not due to any error or deficiency in the vencortex software we will have no obligation to provide any vencortex support services regarding the incident (these may be caused without limitation by issues or problems caused by the internet or other communications, or your network or browser matters, or login issues). 

5. Changes to the support services description 

During the subscription term, we will have the right to update this support services description in accordance with the applicable Terms & Conditions of your vencortex product.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us.

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