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The era of uncertainty has arrived...

The business world of today is drastically different from what most companies and their executives experienced in the last decades, and require any company to constantly adapt to succeed.

The ability to make fast and accurate decisions is the #1 predictor of business success across industries, regions, and business functions.

Harvard Business Review 2009

In those times, decision-making is your most important business process

If you can handle more uncertainty than competitors, you have the ultimate advantage. Because in the end, your performance is just the sum of decisions you make. And the average manager makes around 35,000 of them - every single day.

What went wrong with your most impactful business process?

While any process of your business is disrupted by technology - can you imagine sales without CRM or operations without an ERP system? - managerial decision-making, the most impactful business process of all, remains broken.

But decision-making in most organisations is broken

Manual work

Generating insights is dominated by manual data collection and analysis, spreadsheets and repetitive paper work.

Siloed blackboxes

Siloed date, insights and processes  make it impossible to uncover the complex effects decisions have on the success of the entire business.

Subjective decisions

Subjective decisions based on gut feeling  and past experience are alone are no longer sufficient to outperform in a fast changing world.

It's time to transform how decisions are made


A single platform to power decision-making inside your organization - from data to actions.


Accelerate agility with our automated data fabric and AI services - build for business users.


Empower everyone with answers on how to achieve their goal and make outperforming decisions.

We revolutionize how decisions are made

DeOS – Decision optimization system

DeOS - the Decision Optimization System is the world's first software to optimize the entire decision-making process from data to actions by combining human intuition and AI.

Data management is representing business dynamics in a meaningful way, and technology to automate insights is built for business users.

And everyone involved, from business analysts to managers and executives, is augmented by contextual answers on how to achieve their business goals.

Powered by human intuition, augmented by AI - Hybrid Intelligence®.

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Decision optimization creates a single source of truth for decision-making inside your organization, with end-to-end standardization from data to actions.

Managers to organize workflows and bring them into context


Decision optimization accelerates speed, efficiency, and agility with automated data management and out-of-the-box AI services - build for business users.

Tools for analysts to manage data and generate insights for complete picture


Decision optimization leverages augmented analytics to empower everyone with concrete answers on how to achieve their business goal.

Answers to business questions to navigate uncertainty with confidence

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One platform. Endless use cases.

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make all kind of high-stakes decisions — without having to switch between tools.

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