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With DeOS you can prioritize the best action to take to maximize the outcome for your clients and improve their decision-making. This means immediately realizing value with your project.

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Say goodbye to the archaic “project-to-project” delivery model. No more spreadsheets and slide decks.


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Looking to gain a next-generation competitive edge, accelerate decision augmentation, and customer value delivery?

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“Using DeOS in our client offerings allowed us to reduce the time from 21 FTE days to few hours. The result - faster value for our clients and higher margins for our business”

Dr. Nikolaus Lipusch, Director AIE
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DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make all kind of high-stakes decisions — without having to switch between tools.

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Venture building
Accelerator investment
Investment banking
Solution portfolio management
Investment target scouting
CapEx investment
Marketing partner scouting
Strategic field positioning
Technology scouting
Carve out
Corporate venturing
Acquisition target scouting
Digital transformation investment
Post-merger integration
Technology portfolio transformation
Potential buyer scouting
Supply chain transformation
Make-or-buy decision
Business incubation
Partner scouting
Competitive positioning
Technology portfolio management
Supplier sourcing
New product development
Strategic investor scouting
Business model management
OEM scouting
Innovation project investment
Accelerator project
R&D partner scouting
Private equity
IT outsourcing
Solution portfolio transformation
Strategic partnership
R&D partnership
Customer scouting
R&D investment
Asset sale
Cash flow model transformation
Joint venture investments
Strategic OEM partnership
Corporate venture capital investment
Venture capital investment
Business model transformation
Operating model transformation
Sales channel partner scouting