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The power of AI right at your fingertips - no need for technical skills. So you can focus on what matters the most.

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Transform your way of delivering customer value

Differentiate your existing consulting offerings based on billions of data points and get your competitive edge.

Leverage the power of AI to diagnose the business context, predict the future and recommend concrete actions with a single click to accelerate the value your clients receive.

With DeOS you can prioritize the best action to take to maximize the outcome for your clients and improve their decision-making. This means immediately realizing value with your project.

collaborative decision flows

Always know what to do next

Let our smart task assistant guide you in doing your job from managing data to generating insights.

Insights automation

Research of weeks done with a single click

Find competitors, suppliers, targets among millions of companies in less than a second.

AI Engines

Get thousands of measures with one-click

DeOS pre-built measures predict what matters for every use case.

AI services

Gain superpowers

Simulate and forecast future performance to explore thousands of possible scenarios for your business.

data fabric

Stop worrying about data

Automatically detect customer emotions in text in any language and explore how it drives your sales data.


AI for business people, not scientists

Simple and accessible AI models. One click that's all.


Crawl the market

Find competitors, suppliers, targets among millions of companies in less than a second.

Why analysts should care

Ready to join the new era of decision-making and deliver outperforming results?

x21 faster

Increase in time to market

“Using DeOS in our client offerings allowed us to reduce the time from 21 FTE days to few hours. The result - faster value for our clients and higher margins for our business”

Dr. Nikolaus Lipusch, Director AIE
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One platform. Endless use cases.

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make all kind of high-stakes decisions — without having to switch between tools.

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Stock Portfolio Creation
Portfolio Risk Monitoring
R&D Investment
Technology Scouting
Asset Sales
Partner Screening
Capital Allocation
Venture Capital Investment
Stock Portfolio Rebalancing
CapEx budgeting
Seller Preparation
Target Screening
Corporate Portfolio Optimization
Stock Selection
Synergy Optimization
CapEx Investment
Corporate Portfolio Diagnosing
R&D Portfolio Optimization
Fairness Opinion
Portfolio Operations
Investment Budget Allocation
Buyer Screening
Investment Strategy
CapEx Portfolio Optimization
CapEx Portfolio Diagnosing
Synergy Valuation
Leveraged Buyout
Carve Out
Equity Research
Due Diligence
Market Entry
Joint Venture