AI engines

The power of 1,000 analysts at your fingertips

DeOS Hybrid Intelligence® technology offers a constantly growing set of out-of-the-box AI engines seamlessly integrated into business workflows to democratize the power of intelligent insights for your business users.

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A hollistic approach to decision-making

Get complete visibility of your business and make outperforming decisions at the pace of your industry.

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Hybrid Intelligence® technology

Combining human intuition and AI to power next-generation decisions

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Bring decision optimization technology into your strategy and start developing long-term client engagements today.

no-code AI

Use cutting-edge AI technology with a single click

All the DeOS AI engines are built with business users in mind and offer you the most advanced performance with a single click.

out-of-the-box AI

Business value of AI delivered from day one

A pre-trained, constantly growing set of AI engines along the full cycle of decision optimization provide your entire team with business value from day one.

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Get recommendations to achieve your business goals

DeOS suggests concrete actions in a transparent, explainable way to help you make hard choices with confidence.

machine learning

Let models adapt and improve on your data

DeOS AI engines are pre-trained on billions of data points, adjust to your data through transfer learning and constantly learn just for you.


Combine deep learning with human intuition

DeOS uses a combination of deep learning and human expert knowledge to give you full visibility into your decision context.


Custom market research with a single click

DeOS understand your semantic definition of an industry and creates custom market reports for you with a single click.


Explore millions of future scenarios

DeOS capabilities empower your team to simulate future performance and understand what-if scenarios. Without the need to experiment in the real world.


Predict the future

Probabilistic neural forecasting models allow you to make accurate forecasts about your business value driver while accounting for uncertainty.


Bring soft data into your decisions

DeOS emotion detection AI services empower you to explore how customer experience drives your financial outcomes.

The full-stack of decision AI right at your fingertips

DeOS offers AI engines for the full cycle of making decisions. Diagnosing the decision-making context, understanding the cause and effect of variables and recommending concrete actions. Seamlessly working together for you and your business.


Diagnose AI services combine human expert knowledge and deep learning models and multi-modal embeddings to represent your decision-making context in data.


Understand AI services use neuro-symbolic models, causal methods, and Monte Carlo methods to understand the impact of decisions on business performance.


Recommend AI service combine probabilistic decision rules, explainable AI and reinforcement learning to suggest the best set of actions for your decision-making use case.

Forecasting and simulation engine


Predict future business performance. Our forecasting and simulation engine uses advanced statistical modeling, Markov chains, Monte Carlo simulations, and probabilistic programming to forecast and simulate the future financial performance of your business model and strategic initiatives.

Valuation engine


Our valuation engine combines advanced valuation methods such as real options, Monte Carlo simulations, and business model-based corporate valuation combined with traditional discounted cash flow (DCF) approaches to understand the financial and strategic value of your decisions.

Augmented analytics engine


Know what matters in your decision context. The DeOS analytics engine uses pre-built models to calculate hundreds of the most relevant business KPIs on complex data structures out-of-the-box and contextualized to your needs.

Knowledge fusion engine


Find and aggregate diverse expertise in your business. Our expert fusion engine optimally aggregates the knowledge and intuition from domain experts across business units for tasks ranging from judgment and forecasting to predictions and classification.

Emotion detection


Understand customer experience in depth. Emotion detection uses deep learning models to detect 10 different emotions from text based on scientific psychological models.

Personality detection


Our multi-modal neural networks understand how your company defines the field it operates in, find the relevant companies in the field among millions of global firms, gather hundreds of additional data points on each of the companies, and visualize insights. Work of weeks done in seconds.

Scan engine


Our multi-modal neural search engine uses deep learning to understand your written request and finds the best fit among billions of data points at the speed of thought.

Decision recommendation engine


Based on the understanding of business dynamics and your goals, our  decision recommendation engine leverages symbolic AI and reinforcement learning to suggest concrete actions in a transparent, explainable way.