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Take the first step on your journey to augmented decisions with the world's first Decision OS. Get started in minutes and see you make decisions like never before.

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Designed for small businesses, startups, and individual users

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Digitize your workflows and automate insights in consulting projects to boost your win rate and secure follow-up projects. Use vencortex® to deliver unique consulting services.

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Designed for consultants delivering strategy projects

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Unleash the power of decision augmentation with vencortex® to achieve breakthrough business outcomes in any department.

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Designed for enterprise and mid-market companies

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Decision Services

Decision Audit

Get an X-ray of your decision-making process. We’ll help you to discover the most critical decisions to be augmented to define the scope of your journey to augmented decision-making.

From €1.900

1 Day Workshop

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Decision Engineering

Our decision specialists help you standardize your decision-making process, define the required insights, data, and tasks, and create your custom decision template dedicated to your needs.

From €4.950 (Decision Audit included)

1-3 weeks

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DeOS Pilot

Our delivery team will work according to your decision templates to deliver a fully configured Decision OS tailored to your needs. We are by your side as your initiatives for augmented decision-making grow, helping to discover new use cases to scale, deliver ROI, and get the most from the vencortex® Decision OS.

From €14.900

3 months

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From defining the decision-making process to gathering information, creating insights, and answering complex business questions, let our team take care of everything. Our team will identify decision opportunities with you, scope the use case, define a value roadmap and execute everything required for you to make the decisions.

From €7.950

3-6 weeks

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Introduction to Decision OS

Meet vencortex® - the first and only system to augment the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with AI on a single platform.

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