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Capacity based pricing. Always unlimited users.


from €480 / month

Everything you need to power next-generation decisions at the speed and scale of cloud.

Key features

DeOS public cloud

Full capabilities of DeOS

250 MB of business data

Community and self-service support

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from €5280  / month

The ultimate package to power decision optimization across your entire business.

Key features

DeOS private cloud

Custom data contexts, AI models and measures

Unlimited business data

Enterprise grade security and support

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How our pricing works

vencortex® provides customers with the Platform, Decisions and Services they need to successfully accelerate their journey to transform how high-stakes decisions are made inside their organization.


Select the right edition for you, to get access to our public cloud platform or your dedicated instance. We charge a fixed monthly platform fee for managing your data and keeping it safe and secure.



Every decision you make including the process, data and insights that bring you there require a certain decision capacity based on the complexity of the use-case. We charge usage-based, depending on your flexible capacity requirements.



Gain access to our premium support, insights, strategy services or custom AI models and data integrations. We offer flexible options customized to your needs to make decision optimization at your company a success story.