The Challenge

Discovering new growth opportunities becomes one of the greatest challenges for any business. Existing tools and processes, however, are not built to discover new opportunities at scale. vencortex® can help by augmenting your entire decision-making process.

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key benefits

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in discovering new growth opportunities


React faster to changes in the market



ncrease the ROI of your scouting initiatives



Reduce risk in your scouting initiatives


How vencortex® accelerates decision-making in Corporate Venturing

Augmenting the entire decision-making process to achieve breakthroughs. Every decision template comes with a set of pre-built features designed to tackle the toughest challenges in Corporate Venturing.


Business analysts get all the tools they need to automate the generation of insights in Corporate Venturing for creating a complete, real-time strategic picture at scale.

Find companies, manage deal flows collaboratively and get automated reports on your on how your strategic fields are emerging and how your company is positioned.

vencortex® | Hybrid Intelligence Screen

Collect and integrate expert assessments and predictions from your business units and simulate future performance.


Now, strategy managers can orchestrate collaborative workflows at scale and connect data, insights, and decisions on a single source of truth to speed up the process of strategic growth.

Manage tasks in collaborative workflows, assign your team and monitor the progress to speed up the process of decision-making.

Connect relevant data, insights, and decisions on a single source of truth and bring them into context to create your strategic data asset.

vencortex® | Decision Insights


Now, business leaders get contextual answers to strategic questions to make better decisions, faster and navigate uncertainty.

vencortex® | Decision Templates Screen

Standardize processes for decision-making from our best-practice library, or define your custom decision template.

Get contextual answers to complex strategic questions on a single screen to make better, faster, and continuously improving decisions.

Get answers to questions like...

How is our strategic field emerging?

Which are the most relevant players in the strategic field?

How are we positioned in new growth fields?

Making life easier for everyone involved

Business Analyst

Automate tasks to deliver best-in-class insights at scale in strategic initiatives

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Strategy Manager

Manage uncertainty with collaborative workflows and connected insights

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Business Leader

Make outperforming decisions with complete visibility into your strategic initiatives

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Delight customers with outstanding decision augmentation

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