Decision as a service

The full power of decision optimization

Deliver breakthroughs in every corner of your organization with our world-class decision-engineering services and consulting. 

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A hollistic approach to decision-making

Get complete visibility of your business and make outperforming decisions at the pace of your industry.

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Decision services

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DeOS rollout

Bring the whole company with you

The most successful companies make optimized decision-making a core capability of their organizations. Let us help you spread the word, upskill your people, and advance your DeOS use cases.

DeOS pilot

Experience the power of decision optimization

We deliver your fully customized dedicated instance of DeOS, onboard your team and data and guide your team to let you experience the full power of decision optimization in action and create your success story.

Decision engineering

We re-engineer your decision-making process

Our decision specialists help you optimize your decision-making process, define the required insights, data, AI services and tasks, and create a custom decision template dedicated to your needs.

Decision audit

Get a full audit of your most critical decisions

Get an X-ray of your decision-making process. We’ll help you to discover the most critical decisions to be augmented across your organization, analyze your as-is and define your to-be process to define the scope of your journey to augmented decision-making.

Didn't find your specific use case?

We offer a custom template service to fullfill your specific use case needs within the DeOS pilot program.