Decision sprint

Get started with DeOS in 30 days

Deliver breakthroughs in every corner of your organization with our world-class decision-engineering services and consulting. 

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Start Your decision augmentation journey with vencortex®

From re-engineering your decision process, designing your custom decision templates, setting up your dedicated DeOS to scaling it, training your teams, and providing ongoing support, it's all designed to help you maximize ROI.

01 Scope
Decision audit

Get a full audit of your most critical decisions

Get an X-ray of your decision-making process. We’ll help you to discover the most critical decisions to be augmented across your organization, analyze your as-is and define your to-be process to define the scope of your journey to augmented decision-making.

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02 Realize
Decision engineering

Your decision re-engineered

Our decision engineers help you to standardize your decision-making process, defining the required insights, data, and tasks, and creates your custom decision template dedicated to your needs.

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03 Deliver
DeOS pilot

World-class decision augmentation ready to go from day one

Our DeOS delivery team will work according to your decision templates to deliver a fully configured Decision OS tailored to your needs.

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04 Scale
DeOs rollout

Bring the whole company with you

The most successful companies make augmented decision-making a core capability of their organizations. Let us help you spread the word, upskill your people, and advance your decision augmentation initiatives.

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Let's start your journey together

Your success is our success

Start small scale fast

Get to breakthroughs faster with full support at any level.

Decision training

Dive into how to accelerate decision performance and make everyone a decision-making hero

Custom for any decision

We are by your side helping to discover new use cases to scale, and deliver ROI

Decision augmentation expertise

Master decision augmentation at every level

Get started with decision optimization in 20 minutes

We’ve boiled down the basics of decision optimization to just 20 minutes: what it is, how it works, and how to get started with DeOS - the Decision Optimization System..

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Purpose-built for every high-stake decision

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make high-stake decisions on how to discover new opportunities and drive, grow or transform their business — without having to switch between tools.

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Accelerator investment
Customer scouting
Digital transformation investment
New product development
Potential buyer scouting
Marketing partner scouting
Venture building
Partner scouting
Post-merger integration
Make-or-buy decision
R&D partner scouting
Supplier sourcing
R&D partnership
Accelerator project
Technology scouting
Competitive positioning
Strategic partnership
Business model diagnosing
Product portfolio transformation
IT outsourcing
Strategic OEM partnership
Strategic field positioning
Corporate venturing
Joint venture investments
Acquisition target scouting
R&D investment
Corporate venture capital investment
Business model transformation
Investment target scouting
Sales channel partner scouting
Product portfolio diagnosing
OEM scouting
Strategic investor scouting
CapEx investment
Venture capital investment
Business incubation
Innovation project investment