Decision Sprint

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Deliver breakthroughs in every corner of your organization with our world-class decision-engineering services and consulting.  From re-engineering your decision process, designing your custom decision templates, setting up your dedicated DeOS to scaling it, training your teams, and providing ongoing support, it's all designed to help you maximize ROI.

Start Your decision augmentation journey with vencortex®

01 Scope
Decision audit

Get a full audit of your most critical decisions

Get an X-ray of your decision-making process. We’ll help you to discover the most critical decisions to be augmented across your organization, analyze your as-is and define your to-be process to define the scope of your journey to augmented decision-making.

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02 Realize
Decision engineering

Get your custom decision template

Our decision engineers help you to standardize your decision-making process, defining the required insights, data, and tasks, and creates your custom decision template dedicated to your needs.

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03 Deliver
DeOS pilot

World-class decision augmentation ready to go from day one

Our DeOS delivery team will work according to your decision templates to deliver a fully configured Decision OS tailored to your needs.

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04 Scale
DeOs rollout

Bring the whole company with you

The most successful companies make augmented decision-making a core capability of their organizations. Let us help you spread the word, upskill your people, and advance your decision augmentation initiatives.

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Your success is our success

We are by your side as your initiatives for augmented decision-making grow, helping to discover new use cases to scale, deliver ROI, and get the most from the vencortex® DeOS.


Master decision augmentation at every level

Upskill your teams with on-demand and live in-person training for every aspect of augmented decision-making. From mastering the basics of the Decision OS to developing advanced skills in creating custom use cases and insights.


Get to breakthroughs faster

Align your stakeholders and scale your decision augmentation initiatives faster with access to our experts. We’ll work alongside your team to develop roadmaps, business cases, define new use cases and workshops to help you bring the entire company on board.

Let's start your journey together

Turn uncertainty into opportunities.

Start small scale fast

Take on risk by building your decisions on insights that uncover the impact they will have.

What you need out of the box

Monitor your entire business and measure how decisions impact your performance.

Custom for any decision

Deliver real-time answers to complex business questions with speed and agility.

Future advantage - delivered today

Outsmart your competitors with insights to manage uncertainty with confidence.

Get a digital twin of your business model

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Custom solutions for your decisions

Give your data a purpose

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Predict the financial value of your decision

Automated business valuations allow you to constantly integrate new information and put a price tag on any decision.

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