Working capital investment

Working capital investment to revenue

Working capital investment turnover

Working capital

Willingness to pay

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Total number of companies

Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Value per share

Total debt to capitalization

Technology valuation

Technology lifecylce time

Technology asset valuation

Tax rate

Tax expenses

Solution uniqueness

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Stock based compensation to revenue

Stock based compensation

Spending per order

Speed of growth

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Short term coverage ratio

Service channel satisfaction

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Risk free interest rate

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Revenue model satisfaction

Return on working capital investment

Return on R&D investment

Return on tangible assets

Return on marketing investment

Return on invested capital

Return on G&A investment

Return on fixed assest

Return on equity (ROE)

Return on capital employed

Return on customer service investment

Return on CapEx

Return on assets

R&D investments

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Residual customer lifetime value (RCLV)

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R&D commercialization

Quality of income (QoI)

R&D investment turnover

R&D investment to revenue

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Production & supply chain investments


Product-market fit

Product lifecycle time

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Price sensitivity

Pre-tax profit margin

Pricing model satisfaction

Price to free cash flow ratio

Present value of interest tax shield

Price earnings (PE) ratio

Pre-money valuation

Post acquisition value (PAV)

Pain severity

Portfolio size

Optimal price

Net profit margin

Operating profit margin

Operating leverage

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Operating cycle

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NPV of customer

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Net promoter score (NPS)

Net present value (NPV)

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