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Why Decision OS

It´s time for a new era of decision-making

It’s not just you. Decision-making is getting more and more complex. And existing solutions cannot keep up with the context in which decisions need to be made today.

Decision-making is broken...

Decision-making is and will continue to be the #1 ability of your organization to succeed. Outperforming in business has always been about the ability to know precisely where you are going and to act based on that insights. And while digital transformation has changed most of your processes, decision-making is still operating in the old-fashioned way. Until now.

The Old Way

Augmented Decisions

Incomplete, static, and siloed data

Complete, automated insights

Manual and disconnected workflows

Connected, standardized workflows and insights

Slow, biased, one-time decisions

Outperforming, continuous decision-making

DeOS - Decisions have a home, finally

In the same way, as other business roles need their own software – Sales and Marketing have CRM, and Operations have ERP systems – companies will need a new type of software dedicated to augmenting decisions with AI.

vencortex® DeOS is that system. A single software to augment the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with AI.

Product overview


Get all the AI-powered tools to create the complete strategic picture automatically.


Standardize data, insights, experts, and decision-making workflows across the organization.


Get instant answers to the most challenging business questions to make better decisions, faster.

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