Combine human intuition with AI

Now business analysts have all the tools to collect, aggregate and analyze customer experience and expert knowledge to leverage the power of Hybrid Intelligence® in decision-making.

Expert Fusion Methods


Probability Prediction


Interval Forecasting


Value Prediction

Visual Data Management


Deep Learning-based Emotion Detection


Purpose-built Assessment Templates


Contextual Expert Assessment Tool


Conversational Customer Feedback


Hybrid Intelligence®



Augment decision-making with insights on customer experience and expert knowledge. The DeOS Sense gives your team all the tools to finally collect, aggregate, and automatically analyze customer experience and expert knowledge across business units.

Collect feedback from your customers with our conversational tools and get automated insights on what your customers experience and link it to your financial performance.

vencortex® | Sense Customer Feedback Screen

Use our out-of-the-box AI models to automatically get analysis of your customers' emotions from text feedback in whatever language you want and identify intelligent patterns.

vencortex® | Sense Customer Feedback Screen

Find experts across your business units and aggregate their expert assessments in tasks from judgment, forecasting, classification, or predictions with our fusion algorithms in the optimal way to combine it with AI models.

Give experts inside your business the required contextual insights to give you the optimal assessment and leverage the collective intelligence hidden inside your company to understand what drives the performance of the firm.

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