Data security in everything we do

We make sure that data security comes first by building it into every layer of  the Decision Optimization System. Then, we give you unparalleled control to meet your needs and standards.

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A hollistic approach to decision-making

Get complete visibility of your business and make outperforming decisions at the pace of your industry.

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enterprise grade security

Enterprise data requires enterprise security

DeOS is governed by enterprise-grade security. Running as fully managed SaaS solution or your own private cloud.


Decisions at the speed and scale of cloud

DeOS runs in a secure cloud environment, so you have real-time visibility whenever and wherever you need it. Running as fully managed SaaS solution or your own private cloud. We got you covered.

role-based access

Give your users the access they want with the control you need

Role-based data access keeps your data secure and makes it shareable across business functions in your company and beyond.

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Login security

Restricted IP access, suspicious IP throttling, bot detection, and two-factor authentication minimize the risk of unwarranted access.


Monitoring & auditing

Security logging and login history facilitate active monitoring and auditing.


Compliant by design

Our DeOS is made and hosted in Germany and 100 percent compliant with GDPR. All our cloud center providers are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, and ISO/IEC 9001:2015.


Data encryption at rest & in transit

All customer data is always encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (HTTPS) and all endpoints are protected every time.