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Unleash the power of AI out-of-the-box and deliver best-in-class results for the most critical decisions in your business.

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Unleash the power of decision-augmentation for your business

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Collaborative workflows end-to-end

Connect decision-tasks directly with your team.


Millions of data points

Millions of data points to augment companies and macroeconomic data.


Map your business with 42+ pre-built data contexts

From A to Z


Market research of weeks done with a single click

Find competitors, suppliers, targets among millions of companies in less than a second.


Track and monitor your decision progress

Simulate and forecast future performance to explore thousands of possible scenarios for your business.


Let AI understand your customer feedback

Automatically detect customer emotions in text in any language and explore how it drives your sales data.


Cloud decisions

Simple and accessible AI models. One click that's all.

Why managers should care

Start today with building your decision intelligence across regions, and business functions - the ultimate advantage to outcompete in uncertain times.

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Increase in speed

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“Decision augmentation will surpass all other types of AI initiatives and create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally.

Purpose-built for every high-stake decision

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make high-stake decisions on how to discover new opportunities and drive, grow or transform their business — without having to switch between tools.

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Innovation project investment
Strategic field positioning
Marketing partner scouting
Strategic OEM partnership
R&D investment
Product portfolio diagnosing
Post-merger integration
Business model diagnosing
Competitive positioning
Business model transformation
Technology scouting
New product development
OEM scouting
CapEx investment
Make-or-buy decision
Accelerator investment
Venture building
Corporate venturing
Strategic partnership
Strategic investor scouting
Potential buyer scouting
Partner scouting
Accelerator project
Corporate venture capital investment
Sales channel partner scouting
Digital transformation investment
Acquisition target scouting
R&D partner scouting
Joint venture investments
Customer scouting
Business incubation
Venture capital investment
Product portfolio transformation
Supplier sourcing
R&D partnership
IT outsourcing
Investment target scouting