How it works

Dive into the Decision OS user journey

Step 1

Start Decision

by choosing a decision template or creating your own custom decision


Start a decision from our collection of 32 best-practice templates, or get a decision process tailored to your business in use cases ranging from discovering new opportunities to transforming, growing, or driving your business with insights. Every template comes with a pre-built set of standardized business questions, measures, and tasks to automate workflows.


No more endless emails, meetings, and inefficient processes.


option 1

Start with a pre-built template

  • Choose from 32 purpose-built decision templates

  • After you start the decision the tasks attached to the template will be published to the taskboard

  • Hands off: From here on, the Strategy Manager takes care of the workflow. You enter the process again when the insight come flying in.

option 2

Create your own template with vencortex® advisors

  • Get a decision process tailored to your business in use cases ranging from discovering new opportunities to transforming, growing, or driving your business with insights

in-app screen

vencortex® | Decision Templates Screen

Step 2

Manage Decision Workflows

by connecting the tasks to the best suited analyst


Manage your team and tasks along the decision workflow. Every decision comes with a task board that lets you delegate single tasks to your team, monitor the progress, and give you an overview of any task across decisions and the organization. Every task can be started directly from the task board and comes with an automated template. Decision workflows are hands-off. No more endless emails, meetings, and inefficient processes.


No more endless emails, meetings, and inefficient processes.


Connect tasks to the most fitting analysts

  • After a decision is started, the company task board fills up with the according task from the template

  • As a manager, you are now responsible for these tasks

  • Choose the best analysts for each task

  • Overview the progress and help the team if blockers appear

Connect Insights

  • Connect already existing insights to tasks and jump assigning a analyst at all

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in-app screen

Step 3

Create Insights

by accomplishing tasks with the Decision OS Apps

vencortex® | Scan
vencortex® | Sense
vencortex® | Act
vencortex® | Monitor


DeOs offers a constantly growing set of AI-powered tools to automate generating insights and support analysts in their day-to-day tasks from managing data, collecting customer experience or expert knowledge to automatically forecast, auto-generated measures, or creating dashboards with context-specific analytics.


No more repetitive tasks, data crunching, and endless spreadsheets.


Automate your tasks with AI

  • Start your tasks to create the required insights for a decision

  • Automate data analysis and dashboard creation

  • Collaborate across your entire team

  • Showcase your performance to your peers

in-app screen

Step 4

Augment Decision

by reviewing the the decision insights that answer your business questions

vencortex® | Decision Insights


For every decision, you get a standardized set of only relevant insights to give business leaders concrete and actionable answers to complex business questions to make augmented decisions and make sure you get the insights you need. Every time. Hard decisions are made easily.


No more endless presentations, overloaded dashboards, and meetings. Just answers.


Get instant answers to your business questions

  • Get only relevant insights already preselected and summarized on a single screen.

  • The decisions insights board is updated in real-time and automatically filled once new insights are created

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Business Questions

in-app screen

Step 5

Decision Time


Now that all insights are created to answer the required business questions you are in the perfect condition to make outperforming decisions. Powered by your intuition. Augmented by AI. Monitor how your actions impact your business and lay the foundation for continuous decision-making. No more flying blind or best guesses.


No more flying blind or best guesses. 


Outperforming decisions at a scale that allows you to navigate uncertainty with confidence and have the ultimate advantage in the era of disruption to accelerate business outcomes that matter.

DeOS key business benefits

Every company role involved

We tailored DeOS for every core role involved in decision-making to ensure that everyone in your organization, from executives to managers and analysts, is working in lock-step to achieve best-in-class performance.

Get the complete picture

Now business analysts have the AI-powered tools to automate generating insights at scale and create the complete strategic picture.

Make outperforming decisions

Now, business leaders have the answers to complex business questions they need to make better decisions, faster.

Connect insights and automate workflows

Now strategy managers can connect data, insights, and automate workflows on a single source of truth to increase the effectiveness of strategic initiatives.

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