Make your workflows frictionless

Now managers can orchestrate decision-making workflows in a single place and speed up processes without boundaries.

Workflow Automation


Encourage collaboration across silos


Workflow Monitoring


Increase the efficiency of your team


Faster insights


Workflow Management


A unified decision workflow

Augment decision-making with automated workflows. The DeOS Flow gives your team all the tools to accelerate workflows and encourage collaboration across knowledge silos.

Standardize the required tasks to create insights for any decision and assign tasks to your team. Task boards in DeOS standardize the process and make the orchestration of workflows simple.

Automate steps of the decision-making workflows and connect them across the business to make sure your team always does the right things at the right time.

Monitor the progress of the decision-making process on a single taskboard to make sure that your team delivers best-in-class results when they matter the most.

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