Manage insights for strategic initiatives

Now, business analysts have all the tools to collect and manage data and automate creating analytics. No more spreadsheets are required.


Automated Analytics

AutoML Forecasting



Use Case Templates

Visual Data Management


Collaborative Data Room


Business Valuation


Monte Carlo Simulation


Business Ontology


Contextual Insights


Augment decision-making with insights and data management for your strategic initiatives. The DeOS Act gives your team all the tools to finally store data, create and manage insights in strategic initiatives across the company.

Use pre-built data templates that allow you to add, model, and manage data for your strategic initiatives in a simple way for use cases ranging from new product development to M&A.

Share data for strategic initiatives across business units, teams and organizations by inviting your team and let them view and easily add relevant data.

Automate the calculation of +100 business measures and get visualizations of interactive charts with our analytics engine. Context-specific for your use-case.

Leverage automated machine learning models for predicting future performance and simulating future scenarios built-in.

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