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The first and only system to augment the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with AI.

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vencortex® | Decision OS

Finally, a complete software dedicated to decision-making

Business Knowledge Built-In

Purpose-built best practice templates from measures to insights and business questions allow you to see immediate results

Start small, scale fast

The DeOS decision-making framework provides a complete infrastructure that can be easily scaled across decisions, use-cases and departments

Strategic Data Asset

DeOS empowers organizations to build their strategic data asset and leverage their proprietary access to data and expertise instead of outsourcing to consulting

Hybrid Intelligence® Technology

DeOS uses state-of-the-art technology that can deal with the complexity and uncertainty of the decision context

End-to-End Collaboration

DeOS is designed to make life easier for everyone in the decision-making, from executives to analysts

It's All About Decisions

DeOS is all about augmenting decisions, compared to the old-fashioned way of BI solutions that focus on visualizing data.


Make Decisions

Slow, biased, and isolated decisions are letting you fly blind in uncertain times. That's why everything in DeOS is designed to empower business leaders with continuous, contextual, and connected insights at the right time to make high-performing decisions when they matter the most.

Decision insights
vencortex® | Decision Insights

Decision Insights

Make decisions with pure confidence

Get the contextual answers to complex business questions on a single screen to make decisions with confidence.

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Decision standardization

Decision Templates

Standardize decision processes

Standardize decision-making processes across your organization and make them explicit to always know where you are going.

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Connect Insights

Siloed data is worthless, and insights mean nothing if they are not set in context. That's why everything in DeOS is designed to connect data, insights, and decisions on a single source of truth and automate workflows across the entire organization.

workflow automation


Automate your workflows

Manage workflows and organize your team to streamline decision-making processes and reduce the time to insights from weeks to days

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A single strategic source of truth

Connect data, insights, decisions, and your team on a single source of truth to create your strategic insights asset.

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Gather Information

To make outstanding high-stake decisions, getting a holistic understanding of the mechanics of your business is critical. That's why everything in DeOS is designed to power your business analyst team with the technology to get insights from complex data of any structure.

data creation


Unleash the power of Hybrid Intelligence®

Unleash the power of customer experience and expert knowledge in any decision.

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vencortex® | Scan


Scan your ecosystem in an entirely new way

Scan your ecosystem with natural language search and get automatic insights into your custom-defined strategic fields.

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Insights automation
vencortex® | Act


Get insights for your strategic initiatives

Manage and model data for your strategic initiatives with pre-defined templates and automated analytics.

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Get an X-ray of your business model

Uncover the mechanics of your business model, manage data and insights with pre-built ontologies, and predict future performance.

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Security & Governance

Securely govern your strategic insights at scale

Build trust and confidence in your strategic insights with industry-leading cloud security and governance controls right out of the box.

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A modular system that adapts to your business decisions

Decision-making is hard. It varies from company to company, and decision to decision. That's why everything in vencortex® DeOS is designed with flexibility in mind, so you can put together re-usable components, measures, tools, and insights that work for you.

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Modular decision template
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