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The platform for your most impactful business process

DeOS the Decision Optimization System is a new category of software to optimize your decisions by combining human intuition and AI.


Market research of weeks done with a single click

Find competitors, suppliers, targets among millions of companies in less than a second.

easy to use

Technology built for business people

DeOS opens the decision process for every business role making it transparent and easy to access. Using AI models, handing of insights and augmenting decisions for everyone.

decision graphs

Understand your business dynamics visually

DeOS value driver graphs organize insights to explain you cause and effect instead of static dashboards.

decision centric

Focus on decisions - not on data

By demanding exactly the data that is needed for the decision to be made input minimizes down to 10% of comparable decision software.

role-based access

Give your users the access they want with the control you need

Role-based data access keeps your data secure and makes it shareable across business functions in your company and beyond.

enterprise grade security

Secure by design

DeOS is governed by enterprise-grade security. Running as fully managed SaaS solution or your own private cloud.


Decisions at the speed and scale of cloud

DeOS runs in a secure cloud environment, so you have real-time visibility whenever and wherever you need it,

single source of truth

The only platform you need

DeOS is your single source of truth for decisions inside your organization from data, insights and tasks to your entire team.


Automate tasks with templates

connect and create decison assets / data with a single click and becomes immidately for others in the organization to build on template easy

Connected decisions-processes

DeOS connects all relevant assets such as tasks, insights, data, and AI services in transparent, standardized, end-to-end decision flows on a single platform.

decision templates

Decision processes from data to actions

DeOS empowers you to standardize the decision-making process with out-of-the-box decision templates to make sure you get the same answers every time.

decision intelligence

Build your advantage on intelligence

Everything in DeOS is design to re-use decision assets across space and time, so you can build your competitive advantage on intelligence.

custom solutions

Decision templates customized to your needs

The modular architecture of DeOS allows fast and easy adoption to your specific business questions.

Get a custom template

end-to-end standardization

Get started with one click

Start a new decision from a template with a single click, and DeOS will connect all the required parts in the background to make though decisions easy.

decision monitoring

Unveil the decision process

DeOS is built to empower collaborative, transparent decision flows across business functions, so you always know what's happening.


Navigate decisions with predefined tasks for every use-case

With DeOS you always know what step to take next and how to allocate work across your team.

task assistant

Take your tasks with you through the apps

DeOS task assistant, always tells you what to do next and automates tasks with a single click.


DeOS automates data management and insight creation with advanced AI services seamlessly integrated into business workflows to democratize the power of AI-driven insights for your business users.

machine learning

Let models adapt and improve on your data

DeOS AI services are dedicated to your business, adjust to your data and constantly learn just for you.


Combine deep learning with human intuition

DeOS uses a combination of deep learning and human expert knowledge to give you full visibility into your decision context.


Predict and simulate the future

DeOS capabilities empower your team to predict future performance and understand what-if scenarios.

out-of-the-box AI

The full-stack of decision AI right at your fingertips

DeOS powers your team with pre-trained, constantly growing out-of-the-box AI services along the full cycle of decision optimization.

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Get recommendations to achieve your goals

DeOS suggests concrete actions in a transparent, explainable way to help you make hard choices with confidence.

no-code AI

Use built-in state-of-the-art AI with one click

All the DeOS AI services are built with business users in mind and offer you the most advanced performance with a single click.

contextual data management

Manage data in context

DeOS visual data management powers your team to put together what's needed in the context of a decision and simply re-use it across different settings. No need to worry about technical data crunching.

data augmentation

Get access to billions of external data points

Gain access to billions of data points on millions of companies and macroeconomic conditions to benchmark your business and see how the market evolves.

Semantic data templates

Create a digital twin of your business

DeOS semantic data templates help you to represent the mechanics of your business in a meaningful way by  connecting data to their real-world business objects.

data creation

Create new data with active built-in research templates

With DeOS you can actively create and analyze new data points by collecting sources such as customer feedback or expert knowledge, so you don't need to rely only on what you already have.

Navigate your high-stakes decision with confidence

Different views on the business depend on the user role and the context to get the answers to empower you to know how to achieve your business goals

contextual drill-downs

Take the right perspective

Different views on the business depending on your role and context empower you to drill down as deep as you need.

pre-built insights sections

Bring insights into context

Monitor business performance, your ecosystem, or your customers, understand your business model, and proactively drive strategic initiatives with contextual insights sections.

contextual insights

Real-time research by design

DeOS augmented analytics support your analysts with the contextual insights needed to assess business situations.

decision insights

Stop guessing. Start knowing

DeOS decision insights recommend concrete actions and provide
real-time update whenever information changes, so you know how to achieve your goals.

One platform. Endless use cases.

DeOS decision templates empower business users to optimize the entire decision-making process for multiple use cases - without having to switch between tools.

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New product development
Customer scouting
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Digital transformation investment
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