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Bring decision augmentation technology into your strategy and start developing long-term client engagements today.

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Transform your way of delivering customer value


Become a partner

The vencortex® partner program opens access to vencortex decision augmentation technology to worldwide consulting firms.


Stop waisting time

Create answers to the most critical business questions with a single click to focus on what matters the most.


Delight customers

Communicate your results at scale to become a true strategic advisor for your clients.

It's time for the next evolution of management consulting

DeOS provides analysts with all the out-of-the-bx AI capabilities to measure what matters and create outstanding insights at scale for every high-stake decision.

Ready for a competitive edge?

Transform project insights into long-term, sustainable customer value.

Augment decisions without limits

Gain unlimited access to DeOS capabilities to deliver value to your clients.

Stand out from the rest

Accelerate and differentiate your existing consulting offerings and create new revenue streams.

Transform client interactions

vencortex grants your clients full access to the platform, so they can see what’s happening in real-time alongside you.

Deliver unique value to your clients

Say goodbye to the archaic “project-to-project” delivery model. No more static charts in a slide deck.

Longer client engagements

Advantage of the future delivered today

Faster time-to-value

Collaboration without limits

Why consultants should care

Looking to gain a next-generation competitive edge, accelerate decision augmentation, and customer value delivery?

Become a partner


Increase in speed

“Using vencortex DeOS in our client offerings allowed us to reduce the time from 21 FTE days to few hours. The result - faster value for our clients and higher margins for our business

Dr. Nikolaus Lipusch
Director AIE and Lead AI for CX

Get started with decision optimization in 20 minutes

We’ve boiled down the basics of decision optimization to just 20 minutes: what it is, how it works, and how to get started with DeOS - the Decision Optimization System..

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