Acquisition target scouting

The vencortex® decision template for acquisition target scouting is an out-of-the-box solution for the entire decision-making process of your business. It is tailored for each core role involved in acquisition target scouting to ensure that everyone in the organization, from executives to managers to business analysts, works in lockstep to achieve best-in-class performance.

Capacity cost

The current way of making M&A decisions is broken

The current way of making M&A decisions is broken
Siloed insights make it impossible to uncover the complex effects your M&A transactions have on your business. Generating insights is dominated by manual work and spreadsheet from target scouting, market analysis and due diligence to financial analysis and valuation.And subjective decisions based on gut feeling alone are no longer sufficient to outperform in M&A. Especially when the stakes are that high.This broken way of decision making leads to a failure rate of 70-90% and puts on average 83M dollars at risk for a single transaction. Not even including the cost of inefficiencies you pay to advisory firms, opportunity costs by not focusing on the right targets, or lost opportunities due to not deciding at all.

Outperform your competition
Manual and time consuming
Go from months to days
Navigate uncertainty

decision centric

Visually navigate decision within graphs

DeOS decision graphs™ organize insights to explain you cause and effect instead of static dashboards.


Rolebased navigation

Different views on the business depending on your role empower you to drill down as deep as you need.


Get your insights when you need them

DeOS decision insights™ provide real-time updates whenever information changes, so you know how to achieve your goals. No need to wait for the next meeting.

decision centric

Business data gets business security

DeOS cloud’s architecture is designed for maximum data security

Here is how it works

To make outperforming M&A decisions you need clear answers that tell you how you can achieve your business goals such as How is the market environment evolving?How are we positioned in the field?What company should we consider for an acquisition? Or what is the value of synergies? Let's dive deeper into how DeOS delivers you exactly those insights.

DeOS is the single place for M&A decision intelligence inside your organization. Everything is designed to re-use data and insights across space and time.

Reusable templates

Googlelike search the market

DeOS semantic scan makes target scouting as easy as using Google.

Start a new decision with a single click from our best-practice templates, or your fully customized solution.

A single click to start decisions

Experts and AI combined

Combine expert intuition and the power of AI for due diligence to have full visibility into the risk associated with your acquisition

Forecast future financial performance and simulate the valuation of synergies

Forecast futre financials

AI services built in

DeOS allows you to identify white spots in your existing business portfolio and connect them with your strategic goals.

Identify white spots

Create fully automated market research by analyzing billions of data points in the blink of an eye.

market research automated

DeOS is built to empower collaborative, transparent decision flows so you can allocate tasks among your team, check the progress of pending decisions and monitor the outcome of past ones.

Collaboration without limits

Visual data management

Our semantic data graphs let you create a digital twin of your target and automatically analyze financial performance. Data rooms as they should be.

“#1 capability of any business”

– Dr. Dominik Dellermann, CEO vencortex®

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“In the same way, as other business roles need their own software – Sales and Marketing have CRM, and Operations have ERP systems – companies will need a new type of software dedicated to augmenting decisions.”

Bernd Mustermann, Schaeffler