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Deliver breakthroughs in every corner of your organization with our world-class decision-engineering services and consulting. 

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Decision audit

Get an X-ray of your decision-making process. We’ll help you to discover the most critical decisions to define the scope of your journey to augmented decision-making.

from €1.900 / day

1 day workshop

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Decision engineering

Our decision specialists help you standardize your decision-making process, define the required insights, data, and tasks, and create a custom decision template dedicated to your needs.

from €4.950

Decision audit incl.

1-3 weeks

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DeOS pilot

Our delivery team will work according to your decision templates to deliver a fully configured DeOS tailored to your needs.

from €14.900

1-3 months

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Our team will identify decision opportunities with you, scope the use case, define a value roadmap and execute everything required for you to make the decision a success.

from €7.950

3-6 weeks

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Your success is our success

We are by your side as your initiatives for augmented decision-making grow, helping to discover new use cases to scale, deliver ROI, and get the most from the vencortex Decision OS.

Bring the whole company with you

The most successful companies make augmented decision-making a core capability of their organizations. Let us help you spread the word, upskill your people, and advance your decision augmentation initiatives.

Make everyone a decision-making hero

Upskill your teams with on-demand and live in-person training for every aspect of augmented decision-making. From mastering the basics of the Decision OS to developing advanced skills in creating custom use cases and insights.

Get to breakthroughs faster

Align your stakeholders and scale your Decision OS initiatives faster with access to our experts. We’ll work alongside your team to develop roadmaps, business cases, define new use cases and workshops to help you bring the entire company on board.

Your decision taken care of from end-to-end

From defining the decision-making process to gathering information, creating insights, and answering complex business questions, let our team take care of everything.

Why you should care

The performance of your decision-making process is the #1 predictor of business success across industries, regions, and business functions. And the business value you can achieve with decision optimization is in the tens or even hundreds of millions every single year.

See how it works

$250M business value

Learn why

“Looking at the impact of strategic decisions manual data analysis, spreadsheets and just relying on the involved people is not acceptable. Software for decision augmentation is desperately needed to lower the chance of error and to avoid bias in strategy decisions.

Dr. Karl Michael Popp
Senior Director Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development

Decision Templates

Need a custom solution?

Simply choose one of our 40+ best-practice templates to get started with augmented decision-making right out-of-the-box.

Get started with decision optimization in 20 minutes

We’ve boiled down the basics of decision optimization to just 20 minutes: what it is, how it works, and how to get started with DeOS - the Decision Optimization System..

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