The guide to Augmented Strategy

How to combine human intuition with insights from data to make better strategic decisions, faster.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • How can we make better business decisions?
  • How can we improve our strategy and likelihood of winning in the market?
  • How can we leverage all the data we have in our organization?
  • Is all data useful?
  • How can we start today?

If yes, then this is the book for you.

A practical guide to better strategic decision making

The book will equip you with:

  • A pragmatic and actionable roadmap for augmenting your strategy and business decisions with the data you have.

  • Practical exercises and guidance to ensure you take immediate action.

  • Everything you need to start your journey towards a better strategy.

Venture capital investment
Venture building
Technology scouting
Technology portfolio management
Technology portfolio transformation
Supply chain transformation
Supplier sourcing
Strategic partnership
Strategic OEM partnership
Strategic investor scouting
Strategic field positioning
Solution portfolio transformation
Solution portfolio management
Sales channel partner scouting
R&D partnership
R&D partner scouting
Private equity
R&D investment
Potential buyer scouting
Post-merger integration
Partner scouting
Operating model transformation
New product development
OEM scouting
Marketing partner scouting
Joint venture investments
IT outsourcing
Investment target scouting
Investment banking
Customer scouting
Innovation project investment
Corporate venturing
Digital transformation investment
Corporate venture capital investment
Competitive positioning
Business model management
Business model transformation
Cash flow model transformation
Carve out
CapEx investment
Acquisition target scouting
Accelerator project
Business incubation
Asset sale
Accelerator investment
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