Bring your whole team for decision competence

Be one of the first educated experts in the category of decision optimization and become a crucial role in your companies future decision-making process.

Only 4 hours in 1 session

Only one live workshop and you're all set. Not blocking multiple dates.

Deep dive on decision optimization

Lead effective decision workshops and engineer strategic decisions that surpass the competition.

Position your team in a rising category

Form a decision team and take it to the next level by bringing expertise with this 4 hour jumpstart

Get business value from AI

Unlock the full potential of AI within the field of decision-making and get all the tools to calculate ROI


We will reach out to you for scheduling your custom session

Market segment analysis
Customer segement diagnosing
Product portfolio analysis
Investment portfolio diagnosing
CapEx portfoilo diagnosing
Stock portfolio diagnosing
Business portfolio diagnosing
Technology portfolio diagnosing
Workforce productivity diagnosing
Cost of capital optimization
Financial restructuring
Stock portfolio optimization
Partner ecosystem optimization
Product portfolio optimization
CapEx project portfolio optimization
Business model portfolio optimization
Business portfolio optimization
Technology portfolio optimization
Asset management
Demand planning
Marketing budgeting
Inventory optimization
Transformation project budgeting
Dynamic pricing
HR budgeting and staffing
R&D budgeting
CapEx budgeting
Innovation budgeting
Post merger integration
Stock portfolio selection
Technology scouting
Innovation portfolio selection
Investment target scouting
R&D portfolio selection
Cloud vendor sourcing
Supplier selection
Target scouting
Customer scouting
R&D partner scouting
Competitive positioning
(Corporate) venture capital investment
Joint venture investment
Education and training investments
Product portfolio transformation
Cloud strategy
Transformation project investment
CapEx investment
Product development investment
R&D project investment
Market entry
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