Get your copy of "Deskilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling - a Case for Hybrid Intelligence"

Advances in AI technology affect knowledge work in diverse fields, including healthcare, engineering, and management. Automation is drastically changing the future of work for business analysts, investment bankers, or consultants. In our latest report, we outline the role of Hybrid Intelligence in transforming jobs that AI couldn't tackle before and augmenting humans with technology.

Corporate venturing
Customer scouting
Strategic investor scouting
Potential buyer scouting
Post-merger integration
New product development
Business model transformation
R&D partner scouting
Technology scouting
Investment target scouting
Supplier sourcing
Partner scouting
Competitive positioning
Accelerator investment
Innovation project investment
CapEx investment
Make-or-buy decision
IT outsourcing
Corporate venture capital investment
R&D investment
Strategic field positioning
Product portfolio transformation
Digital transformation investment
Venture building
Product portfolio diagnosing
Strategic OEM partnership
Business incubation
Marketing partner scouting
Strategic partnership
Sales channel partner scouting
Venture capital investment
R&D partnership
Joint venture investments
OEM scouting
Business model diagnosing
Accelerator project
Acquisition target scouting
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