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A single software to augment the entire decision-making process by combining human intuition with AI.

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Meet the Decision Optimization System

A new category of software to augment decisions

Skip uncertainty

Know precisely where you are going and base your decisions on insights instead of gut feeling alone.

Going where no software has gone before

Automate and digitalize tasks which in the past required companies months of manual, error-prone, and costly work.

Decision advantage across the enterprise

DeOS is your single solution for augmenting all your high-stake decisions, you ultimate advantage for the future.

Faster decisions

Get instant answers to complex business questions instead of relying on slow, manual, and error-prone work.

Efficient decisions

Increase the ROI of your data analytics initiatives with out-of-the-box AI capabilities and purpose-built data contexts.

Decisions that improve continuously

Outcompete the market based on your strategic decision intelligence asset instead of one-time consulting projects.

Insights based decisions

Navigate uncertainty with confidence based on insights rather than gut feeling alone.

“In the same way, as other business roles need their own software – Sales and Marketing have CRM, and Operations have ERP systems – companies need a new type of software to augment decisions. vencortex® DeOS is that system.”

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Dr. Dominik Dellermann
CEO and founder vencortex
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Three simple steps to outperforming decisions

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DeOS by role

Decision augmentation for every role

vencortex® DeOS is built to empower business users to make better, faster, continuously improving and more efficient decisions — without technical knowledge.

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For business leaders

Navigate uncertainty with confidence


DeOS provides business leaders with actionable answers to complex business questions to make better, faster and continuously improving decisions in an uncertain world.

DeOS for business leaders

For managers

Superpower your company


DeOS gives managers all the capabilities to connect data and insights on a platform and manage collaborative workflows across decisions, departments, and initiatives.

DeOS for managers

For BUSINESS analysts

The power of AI right at your fingertips


DeOS provides business analysts with all the tools to automate insights generation and data management - no need for technical skills. So you can focus on what matters the most.

DeOS for analysts

Purpose-built for every high-stake decision

DeOS decision templates empower business users to apply AI-powered insights to how they make high-stake decisions on how to discover new opportunities and drive, grow or transform their business — without having to switch between tools.

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Competitive positioning
OEM scouting
Product portfolio diagnosing
R&D partnership
Venture capital investment
R&D partner scouting
New product development
Strategic OEM partnership
R&D investment
Partner scouting
IT outsourcing
Investment target scouting
Product portfolio transformation
Supplier sourcing
Digital transformation investment
Accelerator investment
CapEx investment
Corporate venture capital investment
Sales channel partner scouting
Strategic partnership
Post-merger integration
Business model transformation
Make-or-buy decision
Potential buyer scouting
Innovation project investment
Strategic investor scouting
Business model diagnosing
Customer scouting
Venture building
Acquisition target scouting
Marketing partner scouting
Strategic field positioning
Corporate venturing
Technology scouting
Accelerator project
Joint venture investments
Business incubation

Decision-making is siloed, disconnected, and uncertain.
Until now.

time for disruption
Decision-making is slow, siloed, and incomplete. Until now.

The Problem

Why a Decision Optizmization System?


Get all the AI-powered tools to create the complete strategic picture on a single source of truth.


Connect data, insights, experts, and decision-making workflows across the organization.


Get instant answers to the most challenging business questions to make better decisions, faster.

How it works

Why you should care

Decision-making is and will continue to be the #1 ability of your organization to succeed. Decision performance is the #1 predictor of business success across industries, regions, and business functions - your advantage to outcompete in uncertain times.

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$250M business value

avg. business value of a S&P1000 per year

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“Looking at the impact of strategic decisions manual data analysis, spreadsheets and just relying on the involved people is not acceptable. Software for decision augmentation is desperately needed to lower the chance of error and to avoid bias in strategy decisions.

Dr. Karl Michael Popp
Senior Director Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development

“Decision augmentation will surpass all other types of AI initiatives and create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally.

DeOS in action

Democratize access to insights in minutes and transform the way your company makes decisions.

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Augmented strategy

A practical guide to better strategic decision-making

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